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Typography is an art, a rather eloquent way to transform the message into something visible, well, typography is a language on its own. Having said that we felt the need to refresh our memories with what we consider the most stunning, the most iconic, the most smart, stylish, rough, tough, to the point or to the edge magazine covers of 2012.

Magazines are entities. The image, the logo, the lettering, the font are their distinct  characteristics that signalize the diversity of these products. What makes these covers special, you might wonder? Well, apart from the fact that typography plays a  leading role, they have great impact on readers, their composition stands out, they are fresh, crisp, they are contemporary, they define or they enclose trends.

Typography is an awe-inspiring weapon which, whilst communicating the identity of the magazine, finally stands out. It is rather amazing how the potential viewer and hopefully reader of a magazine can capture the feeling of each issue’s direction, by it’s cover. Whether it is about design or economics, food or fashion and anything in between the effective, strong and direct typographic compositions of our review is our way of promoting the importance of being inspired. Have a very merry typeface parachuters. The show is on.

A Matter Of Feeling

When rather the feeling and not the legibility of the lettering is the priority, the combination of typographic installations, still life photography and fonts create a feeling for the paper canvas of our times.

The New York Times
Art Director: Gail Bichler
Designers: Hilary Greenbaum,Sara Cywnar,Drea Zianabitnig

Art direction and design: Ariane Spanier

The New York Times
Art director: Gail Bichler
Designers: Hilary Greenbaum, Sara Cywnar, Drea Zlanabitnig

Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazine
Art director: Thomas Kartsolis
Design: Daniel Schnitterbaum, Birthe Steinbeck, Anna Meyer

Creative director: Rodrigo Sanchez

Creative director: Jeremy LaCroix
Art director: Greg Grabowy
Illustrator: Judah Sher

Creative director: Rodrigo Sanchez

Creative director: Rodrigo Sanchez

Of Chalk And Men

Different styles of chalky, sketchy, calligraphic or even rough handmade typography covering the whole page or engaging dynamically with the main photo creating powerful impact.

Bloomberg Businessweek
Creative Direction: Richard Turley
Art Director: Robert Vargas
Designers: Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Chandra Illick and Shawn Hasto
Illustrator: Sarah King

Artwork: Dana Tanamachi

Art director: Kathryn Lavey

OC weekly
Art Director: Laila Derakhshanian
Illustrator: Shauna Panczyszyn

Art Direction: Aimee Carruthers

Illustration: Joel Holland

Little White Lies
Illustrator: Francesca Hotchin

Art director: Chris Noble
Photo editor: Ryan Hughes

Creative Director: Michael Goesele
Photograph: Scott Suchman
Hand Lettering: Jon Contin

Behind Closed Doors

Clear typographic compositions using various styles (swashes, infographic elements, 3D illustrations) in order to express effectively the story behind the cover.

Bloomberg Businessweek
Creative director: Richard Turley
Art director: Robert Vargas
Designers: Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Chandra Illick and Shawn Hasto

Bloomberg Businessweek
Creative Direction: Richard Turley
Art Director: Robert Vargas
Designers: Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Chandra Illick, Shawn Hastol
Illustrators: Craig and Carl

Art Director: Christie Ferdinando
Illustrator: Jing Zhang

The Importance Of Being Earnest

Straight to the point typographic compositions where simplicity meets the basics of the typography aiming directly to deliver the message to the readers.

Design: Francesco Franchi

Sports Illustrated
Creative Director: Christopher Hercik

Conde Nast Traveller
Creative Director: Christopher Hercik
Design Director: Rob Hewitt

Creative director: D.W.Pine

The Bold And The Beautiful

Bold typography using several techniques, such as dramatical collages and agressive colour palette.

Bloomberg Businessweek
Creative Direction: Richard Turley
Art Director: Robert Vargas
Designers: Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Chandra Illick, Shawn Hasto
Illustration: Tracy Ma

Creative director: Rodrigo Sanchez
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As more and more traditional practices turn digital, we were excited to receive information about a brand new application for the iPad. LetterMpress™ is a virtual letterpress environment which allows anyone to create authentic-looking letterpress designs and prints. The design process is the same as the letterpress process; you place and arrange wood type and cuts on a press bed, lock the type, ink the type and print. You are able to create unlimited designs, with multiple colors, using authentic vintage wood type and art cuts. You can print your design directly from LetterMpress or save it as an image and import it into other applications.

Letterpress has experienced recently a growing interest amongst designers, artists, and printmakers. A reaction to the “perfect” look of modern printing? Whatever it is, letterpress evokes a handcrafted appearance unparalleled by other printmaking methods.

Watch the video

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Typopassage is an innovative museum project which exhibits typographic design spanning from the initial concept to the final stage. Curated by the design studio bauer konzept & gestaltung this freely accessible exhibition series runs throughout the year. It includes three events which present experimental type designs by young and well-established graphic artists at Vienna’s MuseumsQuarter, a grand museum complex which sits on the gangway between square 1 and square 2. The kick-off event included  an impressive ceiling design by graphic artist Alex Trochut from Barcelona.

The second exhibition showed the playful works of Ariane Spanier from Berlin, followed by a remarkable presentation of Typodarium 2011, a tear-off calendar for daily inspiration through typography.

The upcoming exhibition will present the Czech-Swiss collective welcometo.as (Lausanne / Davis-California). In their joint projects, the two designers Adam Machacek and Sébastien Bohner connect influences from the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland and the USA. Their manifold, often excessive baroque works combine experimental typography, illustration and photography.

Opening: November 26, 2010, 6 p.m.
through March 2011

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It may sound strange but around this time every year or even earlier we sit back contemplating the year before and making plans for the year after (the end of the year is not a good time for us to think business; we just want to go out and party). Well, the year 2009 was very interesting for Parachute®.

A brand new contemporary typeface, the Encore Sans Pro superfamily was released in February. Two months after its release, it was placed in the 30 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Design list published by Smashing magazine along with Bodoni Script Pro. In April we were invited to participate in a lecture by the Greek Graphic Designers Association and made a presentation about “The creative process of typeface design” from the initial idea to the final product. Later in the year, Parachute® participated in the leading Graphic Arts Trade Fair Graphica, a major event that takes place every 2 years. An impressive simple stage/stand was set and its Disturbing the Uncool concept was far from the usual hard-sell notion of such events.

In September, right after the summer vacations, we heard some wonderful news coming from Moscow. Parachute received 3 awards from the International Type Design Competition “Modern Cyrillic 2009″. Centro Pro, Champion Script Pro and Goudy Initials Pro received Honor Diplomas for Excellence in Type Design.

“Parachute: Precision Landing” was the title of a special article that was written about Parachute in the February issue of the leading German magazine Novum. The October issue of Computer Arts Magazine speaks to 30 type practitioners around the globe. Among them, Panos Vassiliou was asked to share his little secrets about type. Also in November, for the second year around, Parachute appeared in the international publication Typodarium 2010. Parachute’s most competitive superfamilies, the PF Din Series was featured among other Dins, in the September issue of the Dutch magazine Publish on a special article -signed by Henk Gianotten- about the DIN phenomenon. Finally, the international magazine Creative Review named the Typefaces of the Year in its December issue -as presented by several leading font retailers- and Champion Script Pro was among them. This sophisticated superfamily was the best selling typeface at FontHaus and also made the Top 10 fonts of 2009 list at MyFonts.

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