News - Parachute® on Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The February issue of the premium German design magazine Novum just came in. This month you may find among other interesting articles a special feature on Parachute® under the title “Parachute: Precision Landing”. Here is an excerpt “Greece, as the word alphabet indicates, is the birthplace of European writing, but in the past it can hardly be said to have excelled in typographic production. For several years now, the independent type foundry Parachute® has been getting things moving and causing a stir with its successful typefaces”…

In other sections of the magazine you’ll find an insight into the amazing story of Faber-Castell, a company synonymous with the word pencil, an interesting report from the inspiring Creative Paper Conference, as well as a feature on posters.

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New Releases - Parachute® on Friday, February 20th, 2009

This is a brand new contemporary typeface by Parachute®, a perfect alternative to your overused classic sans. Encore Sans Pro does not pretend being different but it does claim its own personality. It is simple and stylish. Encore Sans Pro is a humanistic sans serif which projects an image of reliability, authority and competence making it ideal for corporate applications. A functional typeface which combines utility with style. Its subtle round characteristics such as the slightly curved-in edges, create a distinctly contemporary look, blending effectively traditional with modern details.

Encore Sans Pro is extremely versatile. It comes with 22 weights and supports simultaneously Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Each font contains 1535 glyphs and is loaded with 22 advanced opentype features. Extreme weights, such as the elegant hairline, are carefully designed to establish an even color throughout, while ultra black despite its heavy characteristics is quite legible and powerful. Other intermediate weights such as light and book are ideal as body text for magazines and catalogs.

Encore Sans Pro is based on an earlier Parachute® design which was released back in 2005 as PRC Fidelity. It was immediately picked up as an exclusive corporate typeface by a major communications company for a period of time. It was revisited some years later in 2007 but what seemed disturbing at the moment was the open form of letters like c, s, a which minimized the effectiveness of this typeface at heavy weights. After a few adjustments it was realized that closed letterforms offered better balance and stability to this particular typeface so it was decided to apply it to the whole series. The round form of the letters was further applied to other elements of the letterforms as shown underneath. Additional weights were designed and support was extended to Greek and Cyrillic.

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experimental - Parachute® on Tuesday, February 03rd, 2009

As a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Andy Sir was assigned to design a men’s magazine for his typography class. As he points out “I wanted it to be hip and current and to stand out on a shelf full of magazines”. The inspiration came from a book of old circus posters he found at a used bookstore. “I was attracted by how many different typefaces and embellishments they used on a single poster, while the title of Roar reflected a masculine and strong idea of a man as well as referred to a lion in a circus. However while being inspired by this circus theme it was also important for me to keep it modern and clean and not have this theme be too direct or too much” he continues. This project defies the traditional ‘rules’ which place a limit on the number of typefaces used in a magazine, without loosing track of its purpose. Well done Andy!  © 2015 - upscale typography is proudly powered by WordPress