Publications - Parachute® on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The new issue of our favorite quarterly magazine Slanted was just released. This 7th edition is dedicated to “Geometrics”. Type and design that is based and created on basic geometric forms like square, circle and triangle is the main subject. The first section illuminates this topic by portraits, type essays and photo series. In another section you’ll find interesting interviews with typography heavies like Ed Benguiat, John Collins and Jan Middendorp.
The last part of the magazine connects the reader with the Slanted web blog where you can read interesting discussions about fonts designers, magazines, books and other interesting issues that have been discussed online. Also starting with this issue -and for the following three-, the magazine comes with a free headline font designed by Hubert Jocham exclusively for Slanted.

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Gadget, New Releases - Parachute® on Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Last September we decided to redecorate our office by placing 3D typography on a wall using an inspiring quote by Oscar Wilde “i have the simplest of tastes, i’m always satisfied with the best”. It was during this process which involved cutting and painting the letters when Stavros started taking pictures. Some of them turned out so good that we decided to place them as wallpapers on our desktops. Two of these, White Letter Mess and Out of the Dark are available free from Parachute’s website.
Meanwhile the third one, Disturbing the Uncool is a concept which came up last June at a local pub where we usually hang out on Thursdays with friends and partners after work. Panos had just come back from the ED Awards ceremony in Stockholm and we were also kind of celebrating. In between xx jokes, pickup lines, alcoholic experiences, designer gossips and ideas, this particular statement did not seem bad at all. Anyhow, the idea was turned into a poster and the following week 50 copies were given out at the pub. Later in November it attracted more public attention at the Adobe D-Day Conference. Now, it is available online as a free wallpaper from Parachute® at the following link.

Download the wallpapers here

Promotion - Parachute® on Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Many times in the past we have seen human figures created with typographic characters, but never before movie stars, at least as far as we know. Ad agency Africa Sao Paulo in Brazil created some very interesting posters with several Hollywood old timers we all admired and loved.  This is part of an advertising campaign for Folha de S. Paulo, a major Brazilian newspaper looking for a way to promote its Cinema Poster Collection which is included in the newspaper free every Sunday. Celebrities is always an intriguing subject for so many out there, even more so when it comes to Hollywood classic stars like Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando and James Dean, in some of their most famous poses. This is nothing short of spectacular. Typelovers enjoy it!

Folha newspaper, Brazil
Africa Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gadget - Parachute® on Monday, March 09th, 2009

In a recent article we presented Typodarium, a calendar which brings daily typographic inspiration to creative types around the world. This first tear-off calendar presents you a different typeface every day, along with the basic information of the typeface. At this moment it is impossible to find a hard copy since it was sold out within a few weeks, but it now runs in a widget form for your computer dashboard as well as for the iphone. Stay tuned for the 2010 issue. You’ll be the first to know about it!
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News - Parachute® on Monday, March 09th, 2009

For all of you out there, typography and twitter junkies, when you feel deprived of your regular dose of typographic inspirations, here is Typoholism, your new addiction. The guys responsible for the Read Between the Leading (Aaron Heth and Matt McInerney) have launched a new twitter aggregator for typography posts, tagged under #typoholism. Come and take your free dose!…  © 2015 - upscale typography is proudly powered by WordPress