experimental - Parachute® on Wednesday, May 06th, 2009

During a recent trip to Prague we came across a beautiful sculpture made out of letters. WE, is a white coated stainless steel sculpture which was carved by laser light. It portrays a 5 meters high seated man with an open front and incorporates characters from various languages and scripts such as Latin, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese. This sculpture is part of the ‘Transparency” project which involves open-air light art shows celebrating the presidency of the European Community by the Czech Republic during the first half of 2009.
Six well renowned artists were invited to create visual highlights during this period. Jaume Plensa’s WE sculpture, successfully captures the essence of unification and understanding among different cultures, by honoring the human body as a protector of our soul, dreams and desires. This artwork will be on display across from the Rudolfinum Concert Hall till June 30. Visit it at nightfall, the view is extraordinary.

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