Gadget - Parachute® on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Illustrator, designer and typographer Jessica Hische from Brooklyn New York, loves drawing type. Jessica came up with idea to create a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap every working day and offer them for free to bloggers around the world. Here is an interesting way to make your blog look more appealing. This is an ongoing project as a new drop cap is posted everyday in her blog. Placing these initials in your text is a piece of cake. You just copy/paste the html code which is given to you into your text editor.

Gadget - Parachute® on Friday, October 16th, 2009

Following the success of the first issue of tear-off calendar typodarium 2009, the german creative team Magma, headed by Lars Harmsen and Raban Ruddigkeit, presents the new one for 2010 which has just been published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. This tear-off calendar presents 365 different typefaces by 180 designers from 30 countries. Traditional, functional and inspirational artwork at the front page with background information and details about the typeface on the back. Get your typographic wake-up call now. Last year’s copies were sold out immediately!

Buy Typodarium here.

Tips & Techniques - Parachute® on Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

The October issue of Computer Arts Magazine speaks to 30 type practitioners around the globe who offer their expert advice on type design. From leading and kerning to managing fonts, designers reveal 114 pro type tips they follow to the letter. Here is a small excerpt with some of them: “…Never just shrink full-size caps down and call them small caps; they aren’t. If you are willing to go to the trouble of using real small caps, be sure to letter-space them properly, a little looser than lowercase” by John D Berry. “…Don’t bastardize type by stretching, skewing or altering it’s dimensions. Just like you wouldn’t stretch a photo or illustration, don’t do it to type. The results are ugly and will mark you as an amateur” by David John Earls. “…Find inspiration from other sources: anatomy, music, architecture, fashion or beyond. Typography is about finding relationships, contrasts and underlying tensions between elements and concepts” by Heist Toronto. “…Give more than expected, add this extra value to your typeface without raising the price. But more is not always the merrier, it must be useful as well. You may decide to add some ornaments or concentrate on extra ligatures, but whatever you do, make sure it serves its purpose” by Panos Vassiliou. “…Although the MacOS doesn’t understand windows type 1 fonts, most Adobe applications do and there’s a special folder you can put the fonts in: library/application support/adobe/fonts” by Thomas Phinney.
In another section of the magazine, Erik Spiekermann offers his opinion on what makes a good typeface “…Well, it’s the 95% that has to be like any other typeface. We’re talking about text here, not headline faces. The alphabet hasn’t changed. If it deviates too far then it will be disturbing. A shoe is a shoe. A triangular shoe is not going to work. But, it has to have that little element in there that most people will not even notice –something a little different. It has a (slightly) different take; it may feel a little warmer or colder or squarer or whatever.”  © 2015 - upscale typography is proudly powered by WordPress