Publications - Parachute® on Thursday, November 05th, 2009

Since 2004 Slanted magazine has interviewed more than 100 designers from all over the world. Now it has collected 61 of these interviews in one publication, Typeviews. Some of the magazine’s fanatic readers have been lucky to own the first 5 issues which are sold out. In the 322 pages of Typeviews you may explore great interviews from great designers such as Ruedi Baur, Ed Benguiat, Maxime Buechi, Büro Destruct, Leslie Cabarga, John Collins, Eike graphical Hort, April Greiman, Fons Hickmann, Christoph Keller, Jeremy Leslie, Mario Lombardo, Jan Middendorp, Horst Moser, Jean Francois Porchez, Raban Ruddigkeit, Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Spiekermann, Hansjörg sandwiches, Dirk Uhlenbrock, Vier5, Kurt Weidemann, Cornel Windlin.

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