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PF Din Mono is the latest addition to the ever-growing set of DIN superfamilies by Parachute®. It was based on its proportional counterpart DIN Text Pro, but was completely redesigned to reflect its new identity. DIN Mono is a monospace typeface which is comprised of characters with fixed width. Traditionally, monospaced fonts have been used to create forms, tables and documents that require exact text line lengths and precise character alignment. DIN Monospace, on the other hand, can prove to be more than a useful typeface for technical applications. In the world of proportionality, DIN Monospace stands out as a fresh new alternative to the popular standard, particularly for publishing and branding applications. Additional care was given to the aesthetic form and its pleasing characteristics. The spacing attributes of the glyphs were redefined and legibility was further improved by revising or changing the shape of all the letterforms.

For instance, characters such as ‘m’ and ‘w’ were made narrower and other like ‘f’, ‘i’, ‘l’ and ‘t’ were made wider in order to fit into the default character width evenly. As a result, the stem thickness for some characters was altered but was balanced out by adjusting the overall color of the glyph.  Furthermore, kerning was not included in order to preserve the monospace nature of this typeface.

The Monospace family consists of 12 weights including true-italics. Currently, it supports Latin, Eastern European and Baltic. A new Din Mono Pro version is in the making and will be released soon. It will be offered as an upgrade to all licensees of the simple Mono version. Altogether the Parachute DIN series is a large set of 5 sophisticated super families with a total of 72 weights. It includes the following families: Text Pro, Display Pro, Text Condensed Pro, Text Compressed Pro and Mono.

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From time to time we publish a number of inspiring typographic images from our popular Flickr Group. Here is ten of them.

By Like Minded Studio

By patrycja

By f!int

By Engin Korkmaz

By greg_papagrigoriou

By dadoqueiroz

By mil3n

By durandrud

By extraverage™

By 86era

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Hermann Zapf is one of the most prominent type designers of the 20th century. He is best known for designing typefaces such as Palatino, Optima and Zapfino. Back in 1967, Hallmark Cards commissioned an educational film which documented Zapf’s techniques on type design and calligraphy. The purpose of this insightful film was to introduce aspiring calligraphers and art students to the art of calligraphy. Watch it in its entirety as you don’t get to see often this type of educational material by this master of the trade.
Mr. Zapf is a self taught typeface designer. It was during an exhibition in 1935 in honor of Rudolf Koch, when he got interested in calligraphy, so he purchased two books which introduced him to the art of calligraphy. Later he developed his craft with intensive periods of study at the Nuremberg City Library.
During his military service Mr. Zapf was placed in the cartography unit and due to his talent and his excellent eyesight on writing small size letters without using a magnifying glass he was never transferred to another unit. After the war Mr. Zapf moved to Frankfurt where the Stempel type foundry offered him a position as artistic head of the printshop. It is there where he created his first masterpieces Palatino and Optima. Sure Hermann Zapf’s life and work is a very important case of study for all us younger designers.

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