News - Parachute® on Thursday, October 21st, 2010

.net is the world’s bestselling magazine for web designers and developers. In a recent article on the top 20 fonts for web design, Centro Sans Pro was selected to be on the list based on its impressive legibility and great looks. According to the article “Many superfamilies or type systems enable designers to mix serifs and sans serifs to achieve simultaneous consistency and contrast, and Centro is one such superfamily. It has been described as an ‘invisible’ typeface, where its single greatest attribute is its impressive legibility. The sans is strong and sturdy, with a large x-height and, quite simply, it looks absolutely great in use on screen”. Centro Pro is a complete type system which consists of sans, serif and slab superfamilies. In 2008 it received a Gold Award from the European Design Awards and another award in 2009 from the International Type Design Competition - Modern Cyrillic. The top 20 list includes other fonts such as Avenir, Helvetica, Bree, Proxima Nova, Meta, Clarendon, Georgia.

News - Parachute® on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Typotag is an established venue organized by the Typographic Society of Munich tgm (Typographische Gesellschaft München). This year it includes three inspiring exhibitions and a number of lectures. Part of the exhibition is the TDC 56 show which makes a stop in Munich with the winning competition entries of the Type Directors Club of New York. Typotag also welcomes the winners of the Granshan 2010 The 3rd International Eastern Type Design Competition which is aimed specifically to Armenian, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts. Finally, Typolyrics presents the works of several celebrated graphic designers as well as talented young designers from around the world, who use typefaces to give shape to lyrics of more than 170 songs from new wave and disco to metal and hip hop. The event runs from 13 to 31 of October 2010 at 32 Isabella Street, 80796 Munich, Germany.

Highlights from the opening day

News - Parachute® on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The results for Granshan 2010 the 3rd International Eastern Type Design Competition were announced recently. The competition took place in Dublin on the 9th and 12th of September 2010 during the ATypI conference. It was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and the Typographic Society of Munich (tgm - Typographische Gesellschaft München). Type competitions are often oriented towards the West and usually focus on the Latin script. On the other hand, the Granshan competition focuses on the importance of other script systems, such as Armenian, Cyrillic, and Greek. Parachute® received altogether 4 awards. Panos Vassiliou who, a few months earlier, received a silver award from the European Design Awards 2010, won three awards and Vedran Erakovic one.

More specifically, Regal Pro won first place in the Display category while the second place in the same category was won by the popular Champion Script Pro, which has been getting rave reviews ever since its first release. Regal Pro is a comprehensive type system which consists of text and display letterforms. It was developed originally for the redesign of Grazia magazine and is due to be commercially released late this fall. Adamant Pro, one of our newest entries won third place in the Cyrillic Text category. Finally, Encore Sans Pro a silver winner at the ED Awards 2010, won second place in the Greek Text category. During the last 3 years Parachute has received nine international awards.
In total, there were twelve awards given in four categories. You can view all the awards by visiting the official Granshan 2010 website. The works of the prize winners will be displayed at an exhibition in Munich, Germany from 13 to 31 of October organized by the Typographic Society of Munich (tgm) and from 14 to 25 of October in Yerevan organized by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.  © 2015 - upscale typography is proudly powered by WordPress