designers, experimental - Parachute® on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

From time to time we publish a number of inspiring typographic images from our popular Flickr Group. Here is ten of them.

By Official Classic

By Millen

By greg_papagrigoriou

By Andreas Leonidou

By Your Pal Dave

By  Writing**

By George Strouzas

By simek1

By Kostantinos Trichas

By Andreas Xenoulis

Publications - Parachute® on Thursday, December 09th, 2010

“Beat That If You Can!” is the new issue released by Slanted magazine dedicated to women in the field of typography and graphic design. It is a stage for extraordinary and intelligent projects by women. The purpose of the issue is to provide better visibility to female type and graphic designers. Despite the fact that the industry is populated by female graphic designers there are still not that many doing typographic work. It was about time to bring them to the spotlight which is good for us men as we are sick and tired of being surrounded by only male in this field (editor’s comment).

In this issue Slanted presents the work of Ariane Spanier (Berlin), Julia Born (Amsterdam) and Verena Gerlach (Berlin), the photographic essays “Brides of Krishna” by Kalpesh Lathigra (dmbmedia / London) and “Female Marines” from the archives of the U.S. Marine Corps as well as contemporary typefaces, illustrations and graphic projects by female designers.
Type essays by Laure Boer (Berlin) and Gerda Breuer/Julia Meer (Wuppertal) are dealing with the role of women in graphic design and typography and outline a corresponding history. Numerous interviews with Verena Gerlach (Berlin), Ariane Spanier (Berlin), Nadine Chahine (Bad Homburg), Veronika Burian (Prague), Laura Worthington (Washington), Kapitza (London), Geneviève Gauckler (Paris), Esen Karol (Istanbul), Akiko Kanna (Tokyo) and Susanne Baer (Tokyo) as well as the second part of the Tokyo report by Ian Lynam (Tokyo).  © 2015 - upscale typography is proudly powered by WordPress