Gadget - Parachute® on Friday, July 08th, 2011

The creative work around typography is always surprisingly amazing. We enjoy beautiful typographic works because they are one of our daily inspiration resources. All typo-addicts are by definition fans of nice use of typography applied in industrial design (fashion, trends, gadgets etc). This post is a selection of some great typographic objects and gadgets made with type that you will certainly enjoy.
Obsessed with type? Yes we are!

Write a bike by Juri Zaech

Typography soap by Debbie Chialtas

Serif bag by Little Factory

Typographic furniture by Tabisso

Nuzzles by John Christenson

Coasters by Parachute

Read Your Books Case by Eva Alessandrini / Roberto Saporiti

Multi buckle by Steel Toe Studios

Hand-cut typography by Biana Chang

Type bags by House Industries

Fontable by Alessandro Paulicelli / Alessandro Canepa

‘Kasheeda‘ 3d printed typeface by Yara Khoury / Melle Hammer

Letter furniture by Set26

‘Make yourself at home’ rug by johnpourhome

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