News - Parachute® on Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Parachute wins international award.
European Design Awards 2008 - Stockholm | Sweden

It was a great night at the Awards. The elite of European designers showed up for 5 days in Stockholm, to celebrate and award excellence in communication design. The European Design Awards is the premium venue that honors the best in European design. This year, it was hosted in Stockholm, Sweden May 15-19 as part of the European Design Week which included several exhibitions, a 3-day conference, an award ceremony, a formal reception, two design walks to 7 agencies and open houses.

¶ The ED Awards Ceremony honors the winners in 27 categories. This year, the award for original typeface went to Parachute® for the Centro Pro typeface superfamilies. In his acceptance speech, Panos Vassiliou the designer of Centro Pro, was quoted saying

“…it is awards like these that make you feel that your work is appreciated, it is awards like these that make you feel responsible for your work, it is awards like these that raise your standards, but most of all these awards make you believe in yourself and your work. So I can say this: now more than ever I BELIEVE!”


According to the jury, “PF Centro Pro is a type system, not just a type family. This large series of 40 fonts with 1519 characters each, is composed of 3 superfamilies (serif, sans and slab), includes true italics and supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. It is an almost ‘invisible’ typeface which has legibility as its main attribute and is ideal for a wide range of design works. It does not attract any unnecessary attention, but rather serves its purpose. A rare case of contemporary type family working across three alphabets, Centro Pro meets an ever-growing demand for such typefaces among pan-European companies and institutions”.

¶ The night of May 18 started with an invitation by the Mayor of the City of Stockholm to a formal reception in Stadshuset (the City Hall), the very same hall used for the Nobel Prize dinners. After several rounds of red wine, we were almost ready for the Awards Ceremony which was held at the nearby Södra Teatern. But it was after the ceremony that everybody let loose when the participants were invited to the official Winners Party at the Södra Bar. When we were forced out at 2 a.m. the party was taken to after-hours clubs till the early morning hours.

Thank you for sharing our joy!!!

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  1. Congratulations, Panos!
    Parachute and PF Centro Pro deserved this important award.

  2. Congratulations! The typefaces are very well designed. Everyone who leaves a comment gets a free copy right? ;)

  3. Felicitaciones desde México, un desarrollo excepcional de la tipografía, nunca había visto un proceso tan cuidado, felicitaciones

  4. I love this font man, how can I get it?

  5. Thank you all for your comments, for those who are interested just follow the links above or go to

  6. Πείτε μου παρακαλώ αν υπάρχουν διαφορές με την PFAgora και ποιες είναι αυτές.

  7. Καμία διαφορά, απλά έγινε αλλαγή ονομασίας για λόγους μάρκετινγκ,
    όπος αναφέρεται στο link The Centro Pro Project

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