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In a recent article we presented Typodarium, a calendar which brings daily typographic inspiration to creative types around the world. This first tear-off calendar presents you a different typeface every day, along with the basic information of the typeface. At this moment it is impossible to find a hard copy since it was sold out within a few weeks, but it now runs in a widget form for your computer dashboard as well as for the iphone. Stay tuned for the 2010 issue. You’ll be the first to know about it!
Download it from

7 Responses

  1. great work, very nice tool…
    hope you ‘ll find more….

  2. Nice widget. Thanks!

  3. Nice work keep it up

  4. What I want to know is where you got that desktop background?

  5. Hi there Peter Thanx for asking
    It is our new wallpapers that it will be released during this month
    stay tuned.

  6. большое спасибо!Взяла себе тоже-пригодится.

  7. Parabéns!! Belo trabalho.

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