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Last September we decided to redecorate our office by placing 3D typography on a wall using an inspiring quote by Oscar Wilde “i have the simplest of tastes, i’m always satisfied with the best”. It was during this process which involved cutting and painting the letters when Stavros started taking pictures. Some of them turned out so good that we decided to place them as wallpapers on our desktops. Two of these, White Letter Mess and Out of the Dark are available free from Parachute’s website.
Meanwhile the third one, Disturbing the Uncool is a concept which came up last June at a local pub where we usually hang out on Thursdays with friends and partners after work. Panos had just come back from the ED Awards ceremony in Stockholm and we were also kind of celebrating. In between xx jokes, pickup lines, alcoholic experiences, designer gossips and ideas, this particular statement did not seem bad at all. Anyhow, the idea was turned into a poster and the following week 50 copies were given out at the pub. Later in November it attracted more public attention at the Adobe D-Day Conference. Now, it is available online as a free wallpaper from Parachute® at the following link.

Download the wallpapers here

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  1. Love those wallpapers.

  2. Nice wallpapers! Keep them coming!

  3. cool man!

  4. 4
    Thursday, 26. March 2009

    moiazei me tin ptuxiaki mou til01!i like!

  5. my desktop look prettier now
    keep up the good work

  6. like them so! παω να τα κατεβάσω..

  7. Great stuff!

  8. Отличный пост, прочитав несколько статей на эту тему понял, что всё таки не посмотрел с другой стороны, а пост как-то очень заинтересовал.

  9. These are really beautiful type samples. Nicely done.

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