Publications - Parachute® on Tuesday, September 04th, 2012

The new issue of Slanted magazine is focused on super families (large typeface families) and their amazing range of variations.

These families are characterized by a variety of cuts, which spread open to extremes such as Hairline to Ultra Black and Compressed to Extended. In addition, immediate relatives are also represented such as Sans Serif, Semi Serif, Slab, Rounded, etc.

The new issue comes packed with numerous wonderful photographs, essays and reports as well as special interviews with expert professionals, such as Nadine Chahine, Ian Party, Yanone and Ivo Gabrowitsch. Besides several historic families which are featured, the eight page fold-out cover presents something really cool: a geneology of the best type super families, edited by Indra Kupferschmid. In another interview, Panos Vassiliou from Parachute talks about the award winning typefaces: Centro Pro and Regal Pro.

Regal Pro is a Red Dot winning typeface and was originally created for the redesign of Grazia magazine. Later it was upgraded for further commercial use and the three basic families were expanded to include more variations, ligatures, swashes and additional support for Cyrillic and Greek. The final version includes 5 families (Regal FinesseRegal SwashRegal Display, Regal Text, Regal Stencil).

Centro Pro is a European Design Awards winning typeface and was characterized by the jury as an almost ‘invisible’ typeface with distinct personality. It has a range of weights that is ideal for a wide range of design works and fulfill its purpose while not attracting any unnecessary attention. Centro Pro includes 3 families. (Centro Serif, Centro Sans, Centro Slab)

For further information you can visit the Slanted website or blog.

News - Parachute® on Thursday, January 19th, 2012

For the second consecutive year Communication Arts held its annual typography and type design competition in search for the best typography of the year. The 2012 Typography Annual showcases the 150 winning projects selected by a distinguished panel of jurors such as Richard Kegler, Erik Spiekermann and Tiffany Wardle de Sousa.
More than 1,700 entries were submitted for this second Typography Annual, reflecting the quantity of work produced in a single year. The organisers were pleased with the international nature of the submissions, especially in the typeface category, and the inclusion of several non-Latin typefaces.

Regal Finesse Pro by Parachute, was selected to be among the winners in the typeface design category. This is not the first time that various families from the Regal series receive awards. Regal was also a winner in last year’s Creative Review Type Competition, as well as a winner in the Granshan Awards 2010. Regal Pro was originally created for the redesign of Grazia magazine and later was revamped and upgraded for commercial use. The original 3 basic families were expanded to include more variations, ligatures, swashes and additional support for Latin and Greek. The final version of Regal includes 5 families. Currently Regal Pro is available offline but will be officially released online shortly.

News - Parachute® on Thursday, October 06th, 2011

S Moda is a “newborn” weekly trendsetting fashion magazine which is published alongside the Saturday edition of the Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS. Its emphasis is on women’s fashion, interviews, design, travel, leisure, social trends and the world of beauty. As EL PAÍS points out “S Moda will attempt to go beyond fashion shows, it will treat fashion as an attitude as well as a cultural expression of the first level and finally target people who appreciate aesthetics”.

S Moda is a joint venture between PRISA the publisher of EL PAÍS newspaper and Conde Nast responsible for high quality magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Glamour. The magazine is under the leadership of Oscar Becerra, a veteran magazine genius. Oscar is that rare combination of a magazine creator with a tremendous feeling for what the audience wants at any particular time. S Moda’s editor in chief is Empar Prieto and design director is Diego Areso. The cover of the first issue features Sarah Jessica Parker in a bolero jacket, giving an exclusive interview. The photo shoot was done in New York.

S Moda was built around two award winning typefaces by Parachute: PF Encore Sans Pro (European Design Awards 2010, Granshan Awards 2010) and PF Regal Pro (Granshan Awards 2010, Creative Review Type Annual 2011).

Regal Pro is a new upcoming family, absolutely elegant, luxurious, sexy and vibrant, which reflects the female sensitivity taking into consideration a modern woman who is more proud, more connected, more spontaneous, open-minded and eager to try a whole host of new products and services.

Regal Pro not only emphasizes femininity but also reflects both the romantic as well as the dynamic side of the female personality. Targeting this consumption-wise and well educated woman, Regal is not strictly based on classic forms, but incorporates several distinct elements that express a modern woman’s personality and the products she consumes. Regal Pro is currently available offline and will make its debut online very soon inside the newly redesigned Parachute website.

Encore Sans Pro, being simple and stylish, is a perfect alternative to some rather overused classic sans. It is a humanistic sans serif which projects an image of reliability, authority and competence. Its subtle round characteristics such as the slightly curved-in edges, create a distinctly contemporary look, blending effectively traditional with modern details, combining utility with style.

This family is extremely versatile and functional. Extreme weights, such as the elegant hairline, are carefully designed to establish an even color throughout, while ultra black despite its heavy characteristics is quite legible and powerful. Intermediate weights such as light and book are ideal as body text for magazines and catalogs.

S Moda is accompanied by a powerful website which is updated every minute and offers the most current information about style and trends through audiovisual content and exclusive stories. There is also an application for iPad available as a free download. Regal Pro and Encore Sans Pro have been implemented as webfonts in the website and are also used in the iPad application.
The magazine’s second issue features a stunning Mila Jovovich on the cover, photographed by Eric Guillemain.

S Moda website
S Moda iPad application
TVC video

News - Parachute® on Friday, February 11th, 2011

The last issue of Creative Review showcases the winners of the first Type Annual for Excellence in International Typeface Design over the past year. A large number of entries were judged by Coralie Bickford-Smith who is senior cover designer at Penguin Books, John Bateson a fellow of ISTD and founder of Bateson Studio and Fiona Ross, lecturer, author and typographic designer. In addition several experts were consulted such as Maxim Zhukov, Miguel Sousa, Dr Mamoun Sakkal and Adi Stern. There were 4 main categories: display faces, bespoke faces, non-latin faces and text faces.
Parachute’s Regal Pro was selected to be among the winners in the text faces category. Back in October of last year it won again first place in the display category at the Granshan Awards. Regal Pro was originally created for the redesign of Grazia magazine and later was revamped and upgraded for commercial use. The original 3 basic families were expanded to include more variations, ligatures, swashes and additional support for Latin and Greek. The final version of Regal includes 6 families. Currently Regal Pro is available locally but will be officially released online shortly.

News - Parachute® on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The results for Granshan 2010 the 3rd International Eastern Type Design Competition were announced recently. The competition took place in Dublin on the 9th and 12th of September 2010 during the ATypI conference. It was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and the Typographic Society of Munich (tgm - Typographische Gesellschaft München). Type competitions are often oriented towards the West and usually focus on the Latin script. On the other hand, the Granshan competition focuses on the importance of other script systems, such as Armenian, Cyrillic, and Greek. Parachute® received altogether 4 awards. Panos Vassiliou who, a few months earlier, received a silver award from the European Design Awards 2010, won three awards and Vedran Erakovic one.

More specifically, Regal Pro won first place in the Display category while the second place in the same category was won by the popular Champion Script Pro, which has been getting rave reviews ever since its first release. Regal Pro is a comprehensive type system which consists of text and display letterforms. It was developed originally for the redesign of Grazia magazine and is due to be commercially released late this fall. Adamant Pro, one of our newest entries won third place in the Cyrillic Text category. Finally, Encore Sans Pro a silver winner at the ED Awards 2010, won second place in the Greek Text category. During the last 3 years Parachute has received nine international awards.
In total, there were twelve awards given in four categories. You can view all the awards by visiting the official Granshan 2010 website. The works of the prize winners will be displayed at an exhibition in Munich, Germany from 13 to 31 of October organized by the Typographic Society of Munich (tgm) and from 14 to 25 of October in Yerevan organized by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.  © 2015 - upscale typography is proudly powered by WordPress