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The new issue of Slanted magazine is focused on super families (large typeface families) and their amazing range of variations.

These families are characterized by a variety of cuts, which spread open to extremes such as Hairline to Ultra Black and Compressed to Extended. In addition, immediate relatives are also represented such as Sans Serif, Semi Serif, Slab, Rounded, etc.

The new issue comes packed with numerous wonderful photographs, essays and reports as well as special interviews with expert professionals, such as Nadine Chahine, Ian Party, Yanone and Ivo Gabrowitsch. Besides several historic families which are featured, the eight page fold-out cover presents something really cool: a geneology of the best type super families, edited by Indra Kupferschmid. In another interview, Panos Vassiliou from Parachute talks about the award winning typefaces: Centro Pro and Regal Pro.

Regal Pro is a Red Dot winning typeface and was originally created for the redesign of Grazia magazine. Later it was upgraded for further commercial use and the three basic families were expanded to include more variations, ligatures, swashes and additional support for Cyrillic and Greek. The final version includes 5 families (Regal FinesseRegal SwashRegal Display, Regal Text, Regal Stencil).

Centro Pro is a European Design Awards winning typeface and was characterized by the jury as an almost ‘invisible’ typeface with distinct personality. It has a range of weights that is ideal for a wide range of design works and fulfill its purpose while not attracting any unnecessary attention. Centro Pro includes 3 families. (Centro Serif, Centro Sans, Centro Slab)

For further information you can visit the Slanted website or blog.

Uncategorized - Parachute® on Friday, January 29th, 2010

It may sound strange but around this time every year or even earlier we sit back contemplating the year before and making plans for the year after (the end of the year is not a good time for us to think business; we just want to go out and party). Well, the year 2009 was very interesting for Parachute®.

A brand new contemporary typeface, the Encore Sans Pro superfamily was released in February. Two months after its release, it was placed in the 30 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Design list published by Smashing magazine along with Bodoni Script Pro. In April we were invited to participate in a lecture by the Greek Graphic Designers Association and made a presentation about “The creative process of typeface design” from the initial idea to the final product. Later in the year, Parachute® participated in the leading Graphic Arts Trade Fair Graphica, a major event that takes place every 2 years. An impressive simple stage/stand was set and its Disturbing the Uncool concept was far from the usual hard-sell notion of such events.

In September, right after the summer vacations, we heard some wonderful news coming from Moscow. Parachute received 3 awards from the International Type Design Competition “Modern Cyrillic 2009″. Centro Pro, Champion Script Pro and Goudy Initials Pro received Honor Diplomas for Excellence in Type Design.

“Parachute: Precision Landing” was the title of a special article that was written about Parachute in the February issue of the leading German magazine Novum. The October issue of Computer Arts Magazine speaks to 30 type practitioners around the globe. Among them, Panos Vassiliou was asked to share his little secrets about type. Also in November, for the second year around, Parachute appeared in the international publication Typodarium 2010. Parachute’s most competitive superfamilies, the PF Din Series was featured among other Dins, in the September issue of the Dutch magazine Publish on a special article -signed by Henk Gianotten- about the DIN phenomenon. Finally, the international magazine Creative Review named the Typefaces of the Year in its December issue -as presented by several leading font retailers- and Champion Script Pro was among them. This sophisticated superfamily was the best selling typeface at FontHaus and also made the Top 10 fonts of 2009 list at MyFonts.  © 2015 - upscale typography is proudly powered by WordPress